I post a photograph each day. Some will be good, others not so hot.

Walter Hawn

I'm a little grayer, now

These photographs are the equivalent of sketches or studies. In photographic terms they are “proofs” and not finished work. These images are relatively low-quality jpegs, and so only resemble a well-printed photograph. I may turn some of these images into finished, large sized works. We’ll have to see.

I use a Phase1 P45 digital back on a Hassleblad 503cw body, with various lenses: 50, 80, 150, and 250mm.

The camera is thoroughly non-automatic, and, although I could use a thru-the-lens meter, I don’t. I have a very fine Pentax spot meter, of a kind not made anymore, that I use instead.

The only modern part of the whole kit is the digital back, and at five years old, it is nearly ancient. I especially like the fact that I have the option, as long as film is being made, of using film with this camera. I probably won’t post film work here, as the turnaround is much longer than with a digital image.

Are these images are for sale? Yes. If you can be content with an archival quality 5×7 proof, printed in full art-photograph resolution, on excellent photographic pape, I would be happy to send you one for US$12.50, postage paid within the US. The image will not have the copyright notice printed within the image area, as you see here. Instead, it will be in small, on the white margin. In the margin, you’ll find my email address and more detail.

I hope that you will enjoy these daily photographs.

Kind regards,

Walter Hawn

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If there is any question, (or any other excuse will do) at all, do I want to talk with you? You bet I do. Here’s a number to call: 307-215-7507 or you can call me on skype (walter.hawn) and if I’m available, I’ll pick up right away; otherwise, you can leave a voicemail and I’ll get back to you quickly. [I'll be getting a toll-free number pretty soon, and will post that here, when I do] Or, please fill out the form below, and I’ll answer as quick as I can.

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Walter Hawn

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