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November 14th, 2010

The Entry Bowl

All the entries go in here

These are the first few

And it’s filling rapidly. You may have heard that I’m giving an original fine-art photographic print to some lucky someone the Monday after Thanksgiving. The winner can choose among three works: “Wearing Whites”, “Purple Mountains, Purple Sage”, or “Long Time Livin’”. The complete rules and all can be found on the page, “A Thanksgiving Drawing”. But the short form is that you enter by tweeting (while including my @WalterHawn handle) any page from The Daily Photograph™, by commenting on any page here, or by commenting on any posting on my Facebook profile. You can enter every day, twice a day, until midnight Friday, November 26th. I hope you will!

¤ ¤ ¤

Also, I’m offering a darned good deal to anyone who enters: A signed, original fine-art photographic print of any of the three works, matted and mounted to fit an 11×14 frame, for only $89. That’s twenty-six dollars off the regular price of $115. And, on the rules page, you’ll find a way to get an additional ten dollar discount.

So, I hope you’ll enter, and I hope you’ll think about ordering a fine-art print for someone you love or for yourself.

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  1. Davita Says:

    English teacher kicking in… typo! “The winner can chose among…” should be choose.

    –okay, it’s fixed!

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