#113 The Wind Flies Free

October 13th, 2010

The Wind Flies Free

Only one tree stands in the way

The Wyoming Wind Is Famous

In story and song. But we who live here don’t really understand its effects on those who arrive from elsewhere. To us, a 30 mile-an-hour breeze is refreshing. To a person from the mid-west, it’s a storm warning. We see video of winds stripping shingles from California roofs and we shake our heads and say, “Should have used t-locks. Wouldn’t do that.” We never have the doors of our cars ripped off the hinges, because we always hold tight. And so on. The wind is, even though even we occasionally complain about it, our friend, sometimes unruly but known and tolerated and whose company we would miss dreadfully if it ever went away.

This is the work I sent out on a postcard for the 2011 “Liberate Your Art” Swap. You can find many of the other participants here.

Rating 4.00 out of 5


  1. Davita Says:

    First response: Kind of came out as and Awwoooooo… Very nice! Love it.

  2. Barbara Martin Says:

    This is surreal. And real.

  3. April Cole Says:

    Lovely photo… thank you for sharing!

  4. Ann Isik Says:

    Hello Walter
    Jut bloghopping the Liberate Your Art swap and blew in on the back of an English breeze to say ‘Nice to Meet You’.


  5. Walt Says:

    And, “Nice to meet you,” too, Ann!

  6. judee Says:

    Love that picture. Is it a painting?

  7. urban muser Says:

    walter, i received one of your beautiful cards. sorry i didn’t check in to let you know sooner. thank you!

  8. Walt Says:

    Judee, it’s photograph from atop a mountain called Muddy, looking eastward. The light was, as you can see, right.

  9. Walt Says:

    Better late than not at all! Thanks, Christy.

  10. Don White Says:

    Hi Walt,

    That’s a gorgeous photo. It reminds me of a “Group of Seven” painting.


  11. Walt Says:

    Thanks Don! High praise. England’s Comstock and France’s Monet are among my influences.

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