#108 The Skies of Autumn

September 23rd, 2010

The Skies of Autumn

Three kinds of clouds, together

Here are ice, water and vapor clouds

Together in one portrait. My main interest was the three-layer ice crystal cloud below center, just above the land. It reminded me of a blues record company logo — latter day Stax, perhaps? — and I wished at the time that I’d had a longer lens. As it happened, this was made with the 150mm lens and I’m glad of it. The arabesque of the vapor cloud makes everything happen. The images made with the 250mm lens lacked the sweep and energy we find here, and so I will probably never show them to you.

I’d still like to have a longer lens. If you have one to fit, let me know.

Rating 3.50 out of 5


  1. Pam Belding Says:

    The clouds look like they are moving! You are a very talented man.

  2. @TheGirlPie Says:

    Lovely! What a swell eye you have! My Dad did weather in the Navy and taught me the names of clouds before I ever saw them as shapes… I know them when I hear them (cumulus, stratus I think, and something else) but I remember them as “come-with-us” and “straight-at-us” and one you don’t show: the “buttermilk sky.”

    How cool that the nation has such different landscapes… beyond gorgeous. Thanks~!

  3. Michelle Russell Says:

    @TheGirlPie – Cumulonimbus, I think. Oddly, I still remember geography and biology class trivia, but nothing much else from the sciences. (I was always pleased that I knew the phases of the moon, too.)

    Walt–another gorgeous shot, as always. I love your “camera as sketchpad” approach and seeing through your eyes, with the perspective of your commentary. “Arabesque of the vapor cloud.” You write minimalistic prose poetry, sir. ;o)

  4. nancy t Says:

    This photo is quite beautiful! nancy

  5. marina Says:

    stunning photo!

  6. ginger cooper Says:

    Walt this has to be one of your best art pieces.. the sky and the clouds are showing high winds and the land is yellow and golds. the blue of the sky and the golds of the land are compliments in the color wheel meaning as i am sure you know it makes both of them stand out more.. great beauty..

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