Photograph #043 The Heralds of Summer

July 12th, 2010

The Heralds of Summer

They bloom every year at this time, loudly

Turns out I like to photograph flowers

But it’s sort of difficult in Wyoming to do that. Wind. You may have heard the wind is awful, here. It’s not always, but it is constant when it is not awful. Wind-blurred flowers won’t win any prizes, so fast shutter-speeds are needed. Today, I used 125th of a second, and that worked okay, but it meant I needed to open the lens up to f4, meaning no depth of field. As it happened, three blossoms were on the same plane, and the rest became compositional elements of greater or lesser blobbiness.

I do not know the name of these flowers. I think they are of the crocus family. Maybe you can help?

Rating 3.50 out of 5


  1. mariko Says:

    Hi Walter
    Daylilies perhaps? Heralds of summer indeed. I love your daily pictures. Aloha, Mariko

  2. Sarah B Says:

    We have these at home and my mother has always called them Tiger Lilies. Hope she’s right about that!
    I’ve really been enjoying these daily photographs, Walt. Thank you for posting them.

  3. Walt Says:

    from Twitter:
    RT @Reptitude: That’s a Hemerocallis — daylily. Prolly H. fulva aka “tawny daylily”

    and from Facebook:
    Davita Hawn — They’re called Daylilies or Tiger Daylily

    So, I think we have a consensus. Tiger Day Lilly

    I like the Tiger idea.

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